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Dance Prague Radio managed to reach a wide audience thanks to its ongoing, community centric and entertaining programming. The station transmitted on 90.5, 107,8 Mhz from the centre of Prague and all around the world on the world wide web. Prague Radio Dance is also trained various young aspiring radio presenters who have today managed to follow a professional media career.

The station (Prague Radios) was also considered one of its kind as it was the first ever community Prague radios station on the Czech Republic to broadcast using high radio standards. Prague Dance Radio was also famous amongst the English speaking community as it collaborated with a number of foreign radio personalities stationed in America, UK and Australia. Dance Prague Radio terminated its broadcast due to personal commitments from the management who stated they would be working on new projects in the future.

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Style: dance

Address: Komunardů 36, Praha 7, 170 00

Telefon: studio:246005246


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