The Spain Radios History

The history of radio

It was the 14th May from 1897, when Marconi publicized the
Discovery of telegraphy without thread. It was one of the most popular inventions from the middle of the twentieth century.

The United States and in most civilized countries in the euro began the regular emission of radio in the twenties. It was the
famous American Broadcasting the night of the Titanic in 1912 calling the assistance provided by the radio, and it was sad, but an important fact in the history of radio. Twenty years later, the radio has been around the world.
The year 1920 was the first radio station (Pittsburgh's KDKA).

first issue under the North American elections in 1920

The Spain radios

In the meantime, the first fans of the Spain radios clubs and the first newspapers on the radio. Iberian radio was the first Spain radio station started to broadcast daily in 1924, In the Second Republic, the Spain Radios was a fundamental instrument of Information relating to homes expanded, bars and coffee. The
Participation of intellectuals and politicians of the left popularize up to normal.

The Spain radios was an important tool of information in the II Republic (1931 -1936). It came to a house, bars and cafes. It was usual. Politicians and intellectuals participate. The Spanish issuer in the operation were of particular property. A neither nor was it might be a programmer of national character, for technical questions, and no hearing, there was virtually ours.

During this time the Spain radio stations were the privacy, and it was not possible
a national program because of technical reasons. The Spain
Radio lived before the public, even the perception of the state 20% of the same

During the civil war (1933-1936), the two decrees trying to transform Radio in the basic information on vehicle In 1937 (one year after the civil war) was created by National Radio Salamanca, with which the government of Franco (had won the war) was
Attempt to create a powerful instrument of propaganda of the national radio --
was the first link on the main national radio stations in Spain:
Radio National.

The first issue (on January 19, 1937. The Spain radio station, that was in four large trucks. In 1943, there were one million by the Spain radio station. The program. Most of the viewers (hearing?) were informative (the news?). They
last 15 minutes and they were broadcasting lunch and dinner time, and they
always tried to political and religious ideas after the dictatorial political system. It was private (she got up from the ads) and public radio stations ( it was founded by the state). The main private radio stations was the Sociedad Espanola de Radiodifusión (SER). Programs such as quizzes, varieties and get some famous theater advertising as the black child from Coca Cola. In the early fifties and in the same bandwidth of the spectrum, that the current those, albeit with different ambitions, the boom of Spain radio Stations - schools would take place.
On the other hand, the Catholic Church did not want to lose their chance (Spain radio was a powerful mass media) and the Commission for the apostolate in Cinema, radio and television in 1956. In 1960, they had 80 radio stations in Spain

The first FM station in RNE was the first radio station that started to come on FM, in an experimental Way, and the majority of recipients were not even ready to receive
but the government decided that after 1960, all had to Spain radios
the device to tune FM. The Synod, had 80 radio stations, issued in FM, presented the COPE channel.
The content was issued by controlated by the government, but it
were illegal Spain radios. The most popular was PIRENAICA STATION, Director
by Dolores Ibarra, head of the Spanish Communist Party. She was in exile
Moscow and the radio stations then issued.
The radio was born and in the vicinity of forty years ago
managed to consolidate. The radio plays an important role, but if the TV it had appeared to change its Environment. From the sixties to our Days it has suffered radical structural
Changes to achieve the position that it In today's world.

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