What role does media play in our life?

Many parents don't allow to CHILDREN watch TV?
What is your opinion???


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, actually i don't see TV, and i don't like it.
For me radio is better !

Jade Lantz said...

I believe it can be both. I suppose much of a person's life and personality is shaped around what is viewed on television. I recently learned in my sociology class that, on average in an American home, the TV is turned on for approximately seven hours.

To me, this seems to encourage people to be lazy and discourage brain activity as people seem to "turn off" when they sit in front of the television. Although a large proportion of TV shows are not entirely educational, there is a growing quantity of educational shows being displayed.

As I read in "The Man Who Counts the Killing," the adolescent boy who killed his elderly neighbor, claimed to have been "entranced" by what he learned on TV. The tube cannot be blamed for the actions of this boy; he was 15 years old.

Even though violence is exhibited on television, young people can still distinguish between what is right and wrong. Criminals on TV are usually punished so why wouldn't people in real life receive the same consequences? In spite of this incident, I believe it is a parent's job to manipulate what their children are watching on TV.

For a long time, my parents did not subscribe to cable television but after my brothers and I reached our teenage years, my parents purchased cable channels. After having it for a year, my parents decided to get rid of the television altogether; I feel this was a good decision on their part. We stopped lying around all day watching TV, and began to interact more with one another and we pursued more activities outside the home.

I fear many people in society today abuse the television; people watch it instead of interacting with their children, siblings and partners and in turn (I think) also causes many people to be increasingly overweight.

On the contrary to my previous points, I feel television can have a healthy impact on people as long as it is not overused. Winsten, from "Can TV Improve US?" talked about commercials campaigning against drunk driving. Many commercials and television programs are being used to speak against drugs, criminal behavior, and other unacceptable behavior. If people would watch these so called "good" channels, such as The Learning Channel, Discovery Health, and Animal Planet, they might actually learn something useful from TV.

Kelly said...

And for me TV is better. I don't listen to radio, coz I prefer to listen to my MP3, where I have music which I like or youtube - where I also can find what I want to hear. Listening the radio you can't choose music, you can choose just music style in general. And TV I like more - as it has always different channels and programs - movie, news, documentary, historical, educational. I always find in TV what I want.

Nicole said...

Nice topic :)
I prefer pure information without any advertisement, news about tragedy or catastrophe in the world. Therefore I do not like too much neither TV nor radio. It's better to find required information (music, movies, news) in internet :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jane,
You got a point here. Nowadays TV is worse and worse although I don’t think parents should forbid kids to watch it, but help them to choose what they see, or watch TV with them. There are a lot of bad programs like Big Brothers and novels or reality shows however there are also nice cartoons and educative documentaries that are attractive for teens and young boys and girls.

Prag Chehov said...

Hi Jane, I prefer internet, because internet gives the possibility to use radio and TV.

KoriLinae said...

I prefer radio for news and interesting topics of conversation. TV is mostly for me an escape. I don't really like getting news from that medium. We record everything and skip all the commercials, which is a much more fun way to watch tv!

Enjoy your day Jane...


mike ill said...

it depends on my mood. when i've watched too much tv or listened to too much radio, i lay off it for a little. too much of one thing is usually not a good thing to me.