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Radio broadcasts from July 24, 2000 The frequency of broadcasting: FM 101 Area broadcasting: Tashkent, Tashkent region, Samarkand, Bukhara Time broadcasting: Round Format: music format broadcasting - CHR The language broadcasting: Uzbek / Russian The history of one of the most popular metropolitan radio stations - "Uzbegim Taronasi" - leads her back to July 24, 2000. It was then, at 7 o'clock in the morning, terribly worrying, the broadcast went Marhabo Madaminova from its morning program. By the way, about what it will become a "pioneer" new wave, she only learned the previous day, although prior to that all candidates and took place terning. So that her excitement was quite justified that the quality of the ether, by the way, no way affected. A radio station immediately appeared quite recognizable style. Music format broadcasting - CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio). This format includes the broadcasting of music ( "Top 40", that is, songs, is in the top places in the leading world hit parade), as well as information blocks, social programs, talk shows different directions, game transfers, etc. CHR-format is primarily for young people and those who feel young soul. In the first time the radio station staff were people whose names are well known and today in our republic, and beyond its borders: Rayhon Matyakubova (first editor-in-chief of Radio), Rasoul Davletov, Akmal Saidov, Elchin Islamov (Russian broadcasts) and Marhabo Madaminova, Nurmuhammad Isroilov , Umidhon Rasulov, Rano Kurbanov, Jamsheed Ahista, Muzaffar Husanhodzhaev, Alisher Rasulov. As a result of the announced casting for this autumn has already joined the composition Vladimir Nazarenko, DJ Enot, DJ Katyusha, and Olga Dubovitskaya Nilyufar Khamidov, a bit later, they were joined and DJ John and DJ Black. In such a composition of the radio station worked for several years under the sensitive leadership. In autumn 2000, the same was coined and the slogan "Merry radio". From the outset clearance ether was executed at a high professional level. The first music editor - Akmal Saidazimov, and his successor subsequently Pavel Didenko - created memorable musical dzhinly and screensavers that to hum the whole city.

Paul Didenko owned and authorship hits "Birthday radio", which is performed jointly by the leading air.
During the existence of radio waves to her voice sounded Al-DJs such as Dmitry Doronin, Denis Kladchihin, Dzhavohir Zakirov, Alevtina Madyarova, Michelle, DJ French, Leonid Kiyashko, Eugene Scriabin, Pavel Sleptsov (Panchous), a group of "Quartet", Matluba Musaev, Herod Odilova, Anastasia Rudnitskaya, Elya Telman, DJ John. If you are interested in where these people now and what are engaged, "click" to your name. There is currently no radio station team is a diverse and creative mixture: The Director-General M. Masharipov, commercial director R. Nuritdinov, technical director I. Salikhov. In the air you hear voices Chief editor and leading news Sayery Ruzikulovoy, Jamsheed Hodzhaniyazova, Dmitry Filippov, Black'a, Poxan 's, Dilmuroda Gulyamova, Amalie, DJ Mix'a. Those who make "joyful radio" "for the scenes": advertising manager - Evgenia Karpova, Manager of Public Relations - Olga Dubovitskaya, sound Oleg Shaydullin, Konstantin Kozlov, Abdullahanov Donier.

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