New sponsor for JACK and FM107.9

Monday, 28 April 2008: Oxfordshire JACK FM radio stations and FM107.9 are joining forces with Oxfordshire County Council to recommend that parents and children walk to school rather than drive.

The two stations, owned by Absolute Radio, look forward to working with the State Office of the Council team travel plans for the first time to promote a serious health message in an entertaining way.

One of Jack's sponsor tags to be read along the lines of "Jack's weather is brought to you by this not so subtle message from Oxfordshire County Council. Worried that your butt looks big in this? The cycle to work and shake them in the people stuck in their cars, as you zoom past. "

The Council will sponsor Jack weather and weather news on FM107.9.

Joint programme director Sue Carter says: "It is fantastic to be able to team with Oxfordshire County Council on such a positive message and the ability to express them in the language is parents and children sit and notice."

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