Insel Radio 95.8 - Welcome to Spain Radios

Insel radio is Radio Island. Such a name that the station receives from the seafront at Palma de Mallorca broadcasts 24 hours in German.

The hear this weekend from Barcelona via the Internet.
The Germanisation of Majorca has its emblems. One of them is this station, one of the bulwarks media of the German colony near publications "Magazin Mallorca and Mallorca Zeitung", in this order of appearance on the market.

Several thousand Germans living in a stable in the so-called Trauminsel, dreamy island. Of course there is a demand in German that these media are trying to cover.

Miscegenation between Germans and Mallorcan is frankly curious. It has produced an excellent accent Islanders Mallorcan despite having parents who barely know articulate a sentence in the vernacular.

Mallorca is a melting pot of cultures. It is not a cliché. And for a German like me, the opportunity painted bald for the deployment of my knowledge of German.

Feeling German full Mediterranean is almost mystical experience. As a German would say: "Klasse!".

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