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Radio Ecca 90.6 FM

Spain Radio ECCA, the Issuer Cultural Canaries, currently is set by a network of FM stations and one AM station that covers 92% of the territory of the Canary Islands. See other Spain Radios

Spain Radio - Radio CLM

Since its beginnings in the 60’s, Radio CLM has provided entertainment to a wide range of listeners with its mix of contemporary tunes and chat. It is aimed mainly at the 15 to 29-year-old audience, but appeals to a much wider fan base too.

It has always championed new and emerging artists especially home-grown SPAIN talent, and offers news,
documentaries and advice. Spanish Radio CLM was launched on 30th September 1967 after offshore pirate Radio station were forbidden by an Act of Parliament. Listen other Spain Radios Have a nice stay with in the capital of Catalunya

Radio CLM

Radio Balear

This is the most listened to Radio Spain station, and with its line up of presenters including Jonathan Ross and Terry Wogan, it’s easy to see why. Spain radio Balear mixes old favorites and new hits with specialist shows for niche genres.

Radio CLM

Radio Archipielago 105.2 FM

This popular Spain radio station mixes chat and tunes.

Radio Archipielago was the second legal commercial Spain Radio station to go on air in the SPAIN. The first song to be played on Radio Archipielago was Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water’.

Radio Amistad

Spain Radio Television AMISTAD is composed of born-again Christians who have surrendered our lives to the Lord Jesus. All those who participated in this Minister we decided to serve the Lord by preaching his word through the airwaves.

Radio CLM

Insel Radio 95.8-Spain Radios

Insel radio is Spain Radio Island. Such a name that the station receives from the seafront at Palma de Mallorca broadcasts 24 hours in German.
The hear this weekend from Barcelona via the Internet.he Germanisation of Majorca has its emblems. One of them is this station, one of the bulwarks media of the German colony near publications "Magazin Mallorca and Mallorca Zeitung", in this order of appearance on the market.

Kustradion 105 FM

Get more music and less talk with Kustradion 105 FM - contemporary easy listening tunes and golden oldies from the 1960s and 1970s. Vote for your favourite track on Most Wanted, or wake up to Neil Fox’s ‘More Music’ breakfast show.

Cadena Cope Asturias

Get the best of R&B, hip hop, urban and dance music on Kiss.
Spain Radio station Kiss broadcasts to Spain on 100.0 MHz FM. It specialises in hip hop, R&B, urban and dance music. Spain listeners outside of Spain can tune in on DAB, Freeview and Sky Digital. It makes up the Kiss Network alongside with Kiss 101 (Severn Estuary) and East Anglia-based Kiss 105-108.

Alzira Ràdio

Alzira Ràdio is an independent local radio station based in Spain and specializing in adult contemporary music. It is owned by Global Radio in Spain, and its motto is ‘More Music Variety’.

As well as broadcasting on FM, Alzira Ràdio is available on DAB digital radio in Spain and throughout the Spain on Sky Digital, Freeview and Virgin Media cable. Heart was available to listeners around the world until April 2006 when licensing laws forbid broadcasting outside of the Spain.

101.7 Atlantis FM

We offer Atlantis a German FM 101.7 radio program on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. They learn from us and the latest news every half always 5 minutes earlier.


National Radios of Spain (Radio Nacional de España)

Radio Nacional de España (RNE) (National Spain Radios), Spain is the National Public Radio Service. Since 1973 it has been part of the Radio Television Espanola (RTVE), the company responsible for the indirect management of the Spanish public radio and television service and also Television Espanola (TVE).

Origins of RNE
Radio Nacional de España (Spain National Radio) officially came into being in Salamanca, 19 January 1937, at the height of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and was dependent on the recently created Delegación de Estado para Prensa y propaganda (State delegation for the press and propaganda). The Spain station's studios were in the Palacio de Anaya, the seat of the Oficina de Prensa y propaganda (Office for the press and propaganda), whose first directors were also those of RNE (Spain Radios). The first channel of the Telefunken and with an aura of power 20 kW, was a gift from Nazi Germany in the Franco Estado Nuevo.
It was then that the propaganda immense potential of radio was clear and early 14th June 1937, the nationalist RNE radio's Notice. Until then, this distinction was held by Radio de Castilla Burgos, who produced the information and propaganda that all the radio stations that fell into the hands of the nationalist forces were forced to.

During this era and the early years of World War II until the arrival of the Allies in Italy 1943 and the German retreat from Stalingrad, RNE in collaboration with the Axis powers to spread in Spanish news from the official radio stations of Germany and Italy.
RNE after the Spanish Civil War
After the Spanish Civil War had ended, the leader of the victorious nationalist forces General Francisco Franco passed an order on 6 October 1939 under the private radio broadcasts of the official censorship by the political party of the state, FET y de las JONS and the RNE also granted exclusive rights to the news bulletin service.

As a consequence of this order, all broadcasters (public and private) had to connect with RNE to transfer the daily news broadcasts, the official radio channel produced. These newscasts, usually broadcast at noon and then again in the evening, were known as el parte (The [news] report or bulletin), and had a militaristic tone.

Apart from these official broadcasts, the only other sources of information available Spaniards were the Spanish language bulletin, the BBC and Radio France International, and radio España Independiente (Independent Spain Radio), was a radio station by the Communist Party that Spain had its headquarters in Moscow (though it was known as La Pyrenean because he thought to broadcast from somewhere in the Pyrenees).
Although from the time of the civil war it had already foreign broadcasts in different languages, it was not until April 1945, that the installation of the key short-wave stations in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) would broadcast 40 kW of power, which was very strong for this Period. Foreign radio thus acquired a great importance, with transfers (in Spanish as much as in English) are mainly in America.

It was from that moment that the slow journey from the Spanish public broadcasting began, motivated by the poor quality of the media and the international block on the other hand, the disabled, until 1955 with the entry RNE in the European Broadcasting Union Union.
The end of the 1950s and early 1960s saw the introduction of advanced technologies such as frequency modulation (FM) and transfers in stereo. A parallel commercial station, Radio Peninsula, has also been created.
The development of RNE (National Spain Radios) during the 1960s and 1970s
The year 1964 saw the first major restructuring of Radio National. A network of regional broadcasting center provided strong short-wave transmissions, with an aura of power between 250 kW and 500 kW, enabled the cover on the entire territory and under certain conditions, a good part of Europe. These centers are usually emit the same signal that the central studios in Madrid, but there were also local studios to broadcast information to the areas in hourly intervals.
In November 1965 a second channel out that was sent through a network of FM transmitters. Dedicated mostly to the music, this channel used the superior quality that it was through this kind of transmission. (The channel is now known as Radio Clásica).

In 1971, RNE opened a new short wave broadcasting center for shipments abroad. This new center, which greatly exceeded that of Arganda del Rey, was in the city Noblejas in the province of Toledo. The Foreign and television was the subject of a complex redevelopment in 1975, the strengthening of the transfer to the Spaniard in the world and withdrawal of transfers in Slavic languages by the Iron Curtain.

The democratic era
The arrival of democracy in Spain following the death of Franco in 1975 a number of changes. One of these was the end, on 25 October 1977, by the private broadcasters' commitment to connect with RNE (National Spain Radios) for the transfer of daily news broadcasts. From then on, each channel freely determine the content of their own newscasts.

Until the late 1970s, the consignments of Tercer Programa (RNE 3), which until then were only in Madrid, in Spain. RNE 3 (Spain Radio) offered educational and cultural programming, was enlarged to programs on musical topics.
During the Franco dictatorship a number of semi-official radio stations (autorizadas) had worked in parallel with the private broadcasters and RNE, and belonged to organizations such as the Confederacion Nacional de Sindicatos (National Confederation of Trade Unions), Movimiento, and Organization Juvenil (The youth organization).

These stations were dissolved in 1981 and its transmitters in Spanish radio Cadena (Spanish radio channel). Some of the stations had to be abandoned because their frequencies were not included in those assigned to Spain in the international agreements on the allocation of radio spectrum.

RNE (National Spain Radios) today In 1989, Radio Cadena Nacional Española and radio were combined to make the current format of six thematic radio channels:

Radio 1 - Channel generalist with a broad range of mostly speech-based programming.
Radio Clsica - (formerly Radio 2) - and classical music concerts in general.
Radio 3 - RNE's "young station" which refers to Pop, Rock, World Music, folk, and allied cultural events.
Radio 4 - regional broadcasting in the Catalan language.
Radio 5 Todo Noticias - 24-hour news.
• Radio Exterior de España - International Broadcasting Service on short wave, has an audience of 80 million listeners (only surpassed by the BBC and Radio Vatican). This station is also in the DAB for Spain and satellite.
These stations are also available online at and via pod cast (see External Links below).

Integrated in the state of public broadcasting corporation RTVE (Radio Television Espanola) in 1973, RNE today has been assigned the role of "Public Radio service, which is an essential service for the community and the cohesion of the democratic society".
Unlike its sister television broadcasting organization, TVE, Radio National is fully financed by public funds and no air in their advertising programming.


Spain Radio - The most beautiful places in the world

Our world has so many spectacular and unspoiled places to refresh our minds. It would not be fair, a naturally beautiful place to another, which has an equally stunning view offer status. Let us look at beautiful places in the world through this article.

Beautiful places in the world

The places below are not recruited the top 10 most beautiful places in the world per
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Grand Canyon

It is a gorge created by the River Colorado River. The length of the
Grand Canyon is 277 miles and has steep slopes along the stream. Width of the canyon varies between 4 and 18 miles.Deepest part of the canyon goes up to 6000 feet. The magnificent geological formation of the Grand Canyon is a result of erosion by the Colorado River caused. If the different layers of the Colorado River has created a real treat for the eyes. It is therefore one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit.

Pyramids of Egypt

The pyramids built in Egypt are one of the seven wonders of the world. Pyramid of Cheops and the Great Pyramid of Giza is a design masterpiece and among the oldest Egyptian pyramids.Base of this pyramid is about 393 040 sq. feet. It means that an area is covered by 9 hectares of this great monument. The Great Pyramid and two other adjacent structures there a beautiful view.

Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls, the "falls" between the borders of the United States and Canada is one of the natural wonders and offers a magnificent view. It is a popular attraction for people from these countries and also one of the most beautiful places on earth.Niagara Falls is the goat of islands in the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side and American Falls that is on the side of the USA is separate.

Amazon rain forest

The Amazon rain forest in South America represent more than half of the area covered by rain forests on earth. This rain forest spreads in nine countries of South America but its most (60%) fall in Brazil. The other eight countries are Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guyana, Bolivia, French Guiana and Suriname. The Amazon rain forest is spread over a total of 7 million square kilometers. The forest is known for its rich biodiversity.

Gomateshwara, Shravanabelagola

A place called Shravanabelagola located in Karnataka has the world's most beautiful and largest monolith statue. from a single rock of fine-grained white granite carved, which is 17.8 m statue of Gomateshwara situated on a hill called Chandragiri. It is a naked statue of Bahubali (Gomateshwara), son of the first Tirthankar, Bhagwan Adinath. Beauty of this monolith is located in the quiet and peaceful expression on his face. Creating such a beautiful peace of the sculpture could have a major effort is needed.Chamundaraya, the commander and minister of the Ganga dynasty is the construction (outsourcing) this statue from the 10thCenturies did.

Taj Mahal

It is a mausoleum of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as a symbol of love in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal built. The mausoleum is located in the Indian city of Agra and on the banks of the Yamuna river. The Taj Mahal is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983 and has seen the confluence of different styles of architecture, that of Indian, Islamic and Persian. Built in white marble, it is visiting one of the most beautiful places on earth. The Taj Mahal was built in a span of 21 years (1632-1653).

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the seven wonders of the world and also a construction marvel at. This wall extends from Lop Nor (West) to Shanhaiguan (east). The total length of the Great Wall of China to the measurements made recently to 8851.8 km. It is interesting to note that the actual wall 6259.6 km, while the trenches (359.7 km) and natural defensive barriers (2232.5 km) form the remaining part. The purpose of the building as a long wall was preventing the entry of nomadic groups in the Chinese territory.

Great Barrier Reef

It is a reef found in Australia that 2600 km long distances and largest in the world with 900 islands and 2,900 reefs. Coral polyps are tiny organisms that represent the structure of the Great Barrier Reef. Due to the natural diversity that is supported by the reef, it was declared a World Heritage Site in 1981. The Cairns and Whitsunday Islands region of the Great Barrier Reef attract many tourists. The reef has a great spiritual significance in terms of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It is therefore one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Stora Sjöfallet

This National Park of Sweden is in the range Laponia. Declared World Heritage by UNESCO, covers the Stora Sjöfallet an area of 1278 square km. The northwestern part of the park is in the Scandinavian mountains, the Akkajaure hydropower reservoir divides the park into two parts.

It is an Australian town at the Tasman Sea in the south-east coast.Capital of the State of New South Wales attracts tourists all year this city. The Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach are the most important tourist places. The University of Loughborough categorized this city as Alpha World City. It is to live one of the most beautiful places in the world in.

An experimental group, the most beautiful places in the world is made in this article. The opinion of the most beautiful places can change from person to person. The information presented above, but should be sufficient descriptions of the places in the article.